Rating System

This blog is Julius Caesar inspired so I rate using Laurel Wreaths.

Gold Wreath
This is equal to 5 stars.
Absolutely LOVED it. It was outstanding and deserves countless crowns! A must read!

Silver Wreath
This is equal to 4 stars.

Really liked it! Very few issues with the story but an overall great read. Highly recommend.

Bronze Wreath
This is equal to 3 stars.
A good book but could have been better. A couple issues with the book but an overall adequate read. May recommend.

Green Wreath
This is equal to 2 stars.
Had trouble finishing the book. Uninteresting and had a lot of issues. Recommendation is unlikely. 

Black Wreath
This is equal to 1 star.

Did not finish. A very poor read with many problems. 
Penalty: Throw into the Dungeons.

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